Weekday dog Walks

15 Minute Walk: $22

20 Minute Walk: $24

30 Minute Walk: $28

Weekend/Holiday Surcharge: –  Add $5 to above prices.  Up to two dogs included in the above rates.

Dog stays at your home

dog sitter-your home 

Many dogs prefer to stay in their own home when owners leave.  We will provide an experienced dog sitter who will stay in your home for 12 hours (7PM to 7 AM or 8PM to 8AM).  Minimum of three walks guaranteed:  Morning, Mid-day, and Evening.    

$100 per night

Travel Visits – Your Home

For dogs who prefer to stay at home when their owners leave town and need three or Four visits per day:  Rates are the same as Dog Walk Rates.  If three 15-min walks are needed, then rate is $22 three times per day.



overnight Dog Boarding

$80 per night (one Dog)

$120 Per night (Two dogs)

Rate is for 24 Hour Period.  (If pickup is 4 hours greater than drop off time, then Day Care Rate applies to last day.

Boarding is in my home.  Dogs are allowed on couches, and sometimes my bed.  Dogs are very cozy and well cared for.  Dogs get several walks and play time, and tons of cuddle time. 

Roving dog day care

Includes a minimum of five hours of dog walks, hikes, and play time with other dog clients.  Your dog must be friendly and well socialized.  Trial day required.  Limited availability.  

$45 per weekday (one dog)

$65 Per Weekday (two dogs)